Creating A Private Home Office

When Creating Your Home Office, Even a Hallway Can Work. But if Quiet Is What You Need, There are Options For That Too.

These past three months have taught us that working from home is not only possible; it may even be preferable.

Ultimately, it was my son-in-law who convinced me of the value of creating a separate, traditional office space when working from home. When he and my daughter moved into our home for a short time to launch their new business, David converted a back bedroom in our house into his own private office. He insisted that this was a critical component to the success of their start-up business. As I watched him parlay a fledgling company from nothing into a big something (it’s now a multi-million dollar company), he proved himself to be right.

Setting up an office in the non-traditional working environment of your home requires careful, creative thinking. It would be best to choose an area that is capable of separating you from your personal life. For some people, that’s easy. We had an empty room in our house that converted into David’s office. However, not everyone has an empty bedroom.

If you’re short on space, find an unused corner in a larger room of your home, and quickly privatize it with these customizable moveable walls from Loftwall.

Customization Comes Standard With Framewall

These past months have taught us that working from home is not only possible; it may even be preferable.Loftwall’s FRAMEWALL series can be outfitted with countless panel configurations to meet the needs of your space. Have fun adding your favorite colors from their numerous finish and fabric options.

Acoustical Sound-Absorbing Walls 

Ideally, your office should be in a quiet, distraction-free area. If that’s not possible, look into acoustical panel inserts like the ones shown below. These premium sound-absorbing panels, built within Loftwall’s WEB series walls, are made from German wool and absorb over 80% of the outside chatter that can be a distraction during the course of a day.

Wave brings an arrangement of undulating panels which provide a

visual barrier, yet also allow air & light to pass through openings.

The design functions as a filter between spaces. Wave’s curved panel dampens sound and redirects ambient light to pass through the screen’s openings.

A Unique Take at Dividing Space





Loftwall can also be fitted with countless panel configurations to meet the needs of your space. Choose from their numerous finish and fabric options. Link them together with 90 or 180 degree links to create a more private space.




There is no “one size fits all” when you’re trying to solve a privacy problem. People love options, and that’s why Loftwall built therebusiness around it. Custom sizes, shapes, colors, hardware… you dream it, they’ll build it. They’re on a mission to bring privacy back to the workplace, whether it’s at home, or in an office building, and these are the building blocks to make it happen. We have room dividers and acoustical solutions for everyone.



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