Choose the Best Work Desk for Your Space

Hours and hours are spent at your desk, in your chair, at the office. Having the right desk for your office can make your day go smoother. To make sure you choose the right desk for your specific needs, check out these essential points to consider before making that big purchase.

How you will use your desk?

Start by asking yourself one crucial question: how do you plan on using your desk? It would help if you made sure the desk you purchase will suit your work style and meet your job needs. Also, will the desk fit within the space you have in your office? Is the desk designed in a way that will withstand the daily-use demands of your job type? Here are just a few possible desks uses that might apply:

  • Computer work
    If your job requires long hours in front of a tablet or laptop, be sure to select a desk specially designed for computer use. These desks will (or should be) equipped with built-in wiring holes or channels for electrical connections.
  • Paperwork-generating
    If you handle a lot of paperwork, a desk that has a lot of surface space will likely be ideal for you so you can accommodate all those spreadsheets, books, or piles of papers. You might also like a desk that includes shelving or some overhead cabinet space.
  • Home office
    Do you work from home?
    You will have even more options to consider. If you want to hide clutter, for example, you might prefer a computer armoire. If you have limited space or have other uses for the room you are working from; then the right solution might be an “L”-shaped desk.

Have you considered ergonomics?

One aspect often overlooked is ergonomics. You want to make sure the desk you choose not only looks and works the way you want it but also prevents discomfort. Here are a few other things to think about before you commit to that new desk:

  • Leg space
    You will want to make sure that your desk provides plenty of clearance for your legs. If you have long legs, make sure you can sit comfortably at your desk for long periods of time.
  • Keyboard placement
    Another important detail is keyboard placement. If you are required to type a lot for your job, you will want to make sure that the desk places the keyboard at a comfortable height.
  • Surface area
    Do you need to be able to place a lot of different equipment and materials on your desk surface? If so, you will want to make sure the desk has sufficient space to hold everything you need without becoming too cluttered.

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