The Right Office Furniture Layout for Your Business

Carefully planned office furniture layouts give a sense of order, professionalism, and authenticity to your brand. Therefore, do everything you can to create a plan that suits your space. At Trader Boys, we pride ourselves on offering specific guidance and solutions. Our space planning teams help create inspired settings, and the service is free.

First, we assess your needs. For example, we ask you to tell us what type of business you are in? In addition, what are your employee’s needs/roles? After that, we are better able to plan your office furniture layouts for you.

Then together, we decide what office furniture layout is right for your business.

Type of Business

Appropriate layouts depend on your type of business. For instance:

    It is expensive to set up a new workplace. Therefore, invest in modular furniture and start with basic needs. To clarify, modular furniture is expandable, allowing you to add furniture as the business grows. However, try to avoid purchasing used furniture if you can. New office furniture in Los Angeles is available at almost the same price.

    If employees sit for long hours, insist on ergonomic furniture

    For firms with large departments, use a modular strategy. Go for small cubicles with see-through dividing walls. This will ease communication without compromising on privacy.

    An open office layout is an excellent choice for these businesses as they depend on teamwork. But remember to include spaces for private activity as well. For real privacy, add sound-absorbing acoustical products to reduce reverberation, improve speech intelligibility, and enhance concentration levels. Design-driven
    EzoBord is a great option. 

    Providing comfortable modular seating for your staff is important for less formal meetings. Check out Stylex Seating’s website for great looks in modular seating.


Above all, it is essential to factor in your internal activities and staff needs when choosing a layout. Here are things to consider:

    How much physical storage space do you need? Try using a single storage location, and consider purchasing desks with file storage.

    Modular and open layouts are best for businesses that don’t rely on one-on-one interactions. If that is not the case for your business, cubicles or private offices are the best option.

Future Plans

In addition, for temporary, long-term, and expanding businesses:

    Go for cost-effective open plans to allow maximum interaction and save on costs.

    Reconfigurable workstations are a great option for growing businesses. Check out Deskmaker’s workstations. We love them!

  • Established businesses:
    Design cubicles for departmental collaboration, and private offices for managerial use.

Final Words

To sum up, boost office productivity by choosing the right layout for your workplace. Let Trader Boys space plan your offices for free.

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