Today’s Workplace Is Comprised Of Three Main Areas

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Workstations, Cubicles or Systems Office Furniture?

We are often asked by clients to identify the difference between a “Workstation”, “Cubicle” and/or “Systems”Office Furniture. In general terms, the difference between a workstation and a cubicle is one of size, openness, and range of options. Your cubicle in a work environment tends to be more closed off for a semblance of privacy; although this, of course, varies from company to company. A workstation is definitely the more open alternative and is more closely associated with a fast-paced, collaborative effort. Systems furniture refers to a type of furniture with component parts such as work surfaces, privacy screens, shelves, and other items sold by a single manufacturer. These components have portability and can easily get assembled, disassembled and reassembled in different ways as needs change. For example, a particular module might work as a bookshelf in one circumstance and get reassembled in a colleague’s office into a different location as a shelf or drawer for keeping computer disks or videotapes.

For this product page, we’re showcasing a few of the hundreds of workstations we offer.

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