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The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Office Furniture for Small Spaces

Working from home is  becoming more popular. The question is, what office furniture can you buy to help you be efficient and productive in smaller rooms? Likewise, for those at the office, maximizing the utility of a compact room can also be very important. One needs to create a workflow that is conducive to getting the job done right.

Firstly, the right selection of furniture and workplace accessories can make a huge difference in your overall success on the job. When you go to buy office furniture, it pays off to choose quality pieces. Also, they should not only be beautiful and comfortable, but ergonomic and efficient. In this article we’re going to discuss tips and tricks for finding office furniture you love. We’ll also focus on how to maximize your smaller space without sacrificing price, comfort, and effectiveness.

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What You Should Do When Buying Office Furniture For a Closet Sized Space

First, focus on finding furniture that’s functional. When shopping for smaller spaces, always consider the following suggestions:

Do: Measure the Space

Take accurate measurements to make sure you know what pieces will fit in the room. Decide what type of desk you need, where it will go, and how to maximize the room’s footprint. Take advantage of Trader Boys Office Furniture free space planning services. You can read about it here: Trader Boys Space Planning and Design Services.

Use a tape measure to accurately gauge the room’s dimensions. Take into account anything in the layout or architecture of the house that could obstruct placement. You won’t need to visualize the basic layout in your head. Trader Boys will provide you with a three dimensional color layout.

Do: Look For Furniture That Serves Multiple Functions

One helpful tip to maximize a smaller room is to always prioritize multi-functional office furniture. The materials, manufacturer, and purpose of the products should impact your decisions on the purchase, and you should always find pieces that maximize work efficiency.

Always try to use furniture with a range of settings or functionalities, such as desks that double as a secure file storage cabinet, a chair with multiple settings, a bookcase that gives you privacy by doubling as a room divider, or anything else that can be used for multiple purposes.

Do: Prioritize Vertical Storage Solutions

One great way to get the most out of a smaller room is to always make sure you utilize the height of the room vertically, not just the footprint. There are a few ways to do this, like buying taller file cabinets or bookshelves, using stacking cabinets, or installing types of shelves, racks, or pegboards.

This will help you keep the room organized which will please your customers, increase productivity, and help to ensure that you are making as many sales as possible.

Vertical storage solutions office furniture

What You Should Not Do When Buying Office Furniture

Don’t: Overfill the Room

It’s tempting to try and stuff as many items as possible in the room. However, when you have a desk, chairs, paperwork, file cabinets, and other furniture in a room where you may even have family visit or be in a house, the room can get cluttered quickly. You may order an item and realize later that it was more of a problem for your office or home than a help, taking up room that could have been utilized more effectively by a desk, chairs, or other useful items.

Avoid this by always visualizing where the empty space of the room will be along with the furniture. You’ll need a place to walk, and keeping it minimalized will help you mentally and with other matters of the mind like forming ideas and making contact with customers at work.

Customers in office space with desks and chairs

Don’t: Compromise on Quality

When you’re doing your work, maybe having friends over if you’re at a home office, or dealing with customers, you want your office to have a professional air of quality. In addition, skimping on quality can lead to further costs in the end when you will inevitably have to replace or repair a piece that breaks.

Especially when it comes to desks and chairs, you should always expect the best service, delivery, and quality. It can be helpful to browse a website to locate the right kind of pieces. Companies should know that where you shop can matter a lot, and it can make a big difference in your comfort on the work site.

Don’t: Overlook the Small Details

Maximizing a smaller office can be hard. You’ll have to order the right item, choose the right sizes, make sure you don’t lack anything, check the products, receive them, set them up, and make sure that all settings are right. Following up on these small details, changing them based on common recommendations, and always thinking carefully about your choices will help you have a workspace you love to be in.

Two important small details that can make or break your office are the lighting and the cables. Take your time to provide a site for all cables, and make sure none of them stick out or look wrong. Try and prioritize natural lighting for higher productivity, or choose lighting styles from the store that are comfortable for you. If you have questions about the products you ordered, a choice you made, or a problem you are having, always follow up with the manufacturer about product information on your orders.

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Office Furniture: The Key To a Successful Business

Without the right materials, chairs, desks, and other office furniture, your business, website, or other service will have a difficult time. Whether you’re self-employed, working from home, or choosing furniture for a downtown office, take the time to shop carefully and recognize that your choices and styles matter.

There’s a wide range of quality and ergonomics that go into this choice. Order the right items, sizes, and products, and both you and your workers will be happier, more productive, and overall more efficient. No matter what your workspace or desk looks like, these tips will help you order the right products that will take your business and customer service to the next level.

So, next time you go to order an item you’ve been looking for, always ask the right questions and make sure the product is something you need, not just want. Use the information at hand to determine whether it will provide genuine function and utility for your home office or business, or whether it will take up room that could be used more productively. Every product is different, just like your business, so be sure to find the right kind of items for your needs.

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