Lions and Tigers and Chairs, Oh My!

According to OSHA, spending extended hours in the wrong office chair can potentially be injurious. Ignore the science of ergonomics and you may be setting yourself up for long-term joint and back pain and musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains, and lower back injuries. But with styling, ergonomics, adjustability, and numerous optional features, you can be sitting pretty in a chair that optimizes your ability to work smartly, safely, and comfortably. 

While some of the best chairs might not fit your budget, there are plenty of well-designed chairs that will. But to find your perfect fit, you need to visit an office furniture showroom. Test out the options by sitting and adjusting.

The great thing about Trader Boys Office Furniture is that they know their ergonomics, and owner Kellen Rayner will help you discover which adjustment options are right for you. Go to their showroom. He will have you sit, bend, even hunch over; but once you try out the different models, you will walk out with the right chair fit for you.

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