5 Questions to Answer Before Buying a Home Office Desk

Think your desk doesn’t affect how you work? Think again! The right office desk will increase your productivity, enhance your motivation and improve your work outlook. It can also make your workplace more convenient and inviting. In addition, if your desk suits your needs, it will reduce the time spent getting up and down having to look for essential items.

Before you run out to go buy a new office desk, make sure you know what to look for. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you choose the right piece of furniture for you and your office space.

1. What is the purpose of the desk?

What you do has a huge impact on which desk will work best for you. Is your work computer-reliant? If so, choose a desk that is specifically designed for computer use; it should have holes and compartments that organize and conceal cords and equipment. Or does your work revolve around paperwork? If it does, you will want a desk with lots of surface area that will accommodate stationary and filing systems. You will also likely appreciate shelving and cabinet space.

2. What tasks are accomplished on the desk?

Take a look at your current desk setup. What do you see? Is everything on it essential to you work? If not, it’s time to declutter. Throw out documents that have already served their purpose and other useless items. Once you have your desk organized, take another close look. Make sure the new desk has enough storage systems to accommodate what you have on and in your desk now.

3. Where will the desk be located?

The biggest problem with keeping a home office organized is having enough room to dedicate a spot to your work. Where you choose to set up your office will have a big impact on your desk options. Before picking one out, make sure you measure the dimensions of the space.

4. How much leg room do you need?

When shopping for a modern office desk, it’s also important to make sure you will be comfortable. Does it have enough room for your legs? You wouldn’t want to fall in love with a desk that later causes horrible leg cramps.

5. What is your style?

The best part about a home office is that you’re free to choose how you would like to decorate and arrange your space. Do you like a sleek, modern look? Or do you like a rustic feel? Do you prefer lots of natural light and green plants, or do you like wall galleries and vibrant art? Choose a desk that is not only functional, but one that also fits your unique style.

Do you need a new, stylish desk for your workspace? Consider working with our team here at Trader Boys. We have 70 years of experience in offering the best office desk in Los Angeles and can even help you with space planning if needed. Make your home office a comfortable, vibrant space that motivates you to get the job done.

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