4 Simple, Creative Holiday Office Decorating Tips

With the right touches of glitter and sparkle, you can bring the holiday spirit into your office space. However, too much seasonal cheer can leave your office looking unprofessional and tacky. Are you preparing to decorate your office space, but are unsure of where to start? Here are a few simple, creative ideas that will brighten your team’s day and bring the spirit of the season into your business:

Bring the outdoors inside

One of the easiest ways to make a space feel like the holidays is to bring the living beauty of the season indoors. Use wintertime plants such as fir, pine and holly to make beautiful decorative accents. Mini potted pine trees or colorful poinsettias can be placed throughout the office and common areas.

Choose neutral colors

If you’re worried that the traditional colors of red and green might be too bright and distracting for day-to-day operations, consider choosing neutral color schemes. Colors like silver and gold still say “festive” without being overly bright. You should be able to find a wide selection of foils, tinsel, ornaments and bows in these colors just down the street at your local store.

Fill the office with sweets

It wouldn’t be the holidays without sweets and treats. One of the simplest ways to fill the workplace with the holiday spirit is to place bowls and baskets of sweet treats throughout the office. For those who try to stay away from the endless supply of cookies and candy that are everywhere you turn this time of year, add some bowls of fresh seasonal fruit.

Wrap everything with a bow

If you’re on a tight budget but would still like to decorate for the holiday season, a great, inexpensive option is to add decorative bows to walls, furniture and potted plants. When done in moderation, this is an easy, budget-friendly way to liven up the workspace.

With a little time and effort, you can lighten your employees’ moods. Using these simple, creative office holiday decorating tips will also ensure everyone who walks through your doors – customers and employees – experiences a little holiday cheer. In addition, it will create a great space to throw a well-deserved holiday party for your staff.

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