3 Trends to Include in Your Open Office Design

For the first time ever, four generations will be working side by side. That being so, it is more important than ever for businesses to design workplaces that meet the needs of many. Each generations’ different ways of thinking and acting must be taken into account to encourage and enable overall productivity. Making sure employees have a comfortable space will also help to increase employee retention.

Here are a few trends you should consider for your own open office design:

Private places

The reason that open office layouts are so successful is that they take everything into account. Furniture is chosen not just for its pleasing aesthetics, but for proper functionality as well. One of the biggest setbacks – and complaints – of an open office layout is that there is little to no privacy. Your team will likely struggle if they have no place to go to have a conversation or a private meeting. So, make sure your design includes areas that feature boundaries and private spaces. For example, private huddle spaces, dedicated meeting areas and singular seating environments.

Functional furniture

Are you unsure of what your office space really needs? If you’re anxious about the big commitment to purchase furniture that may or may not be useful, consider renting it. Think of furniture more as a service than an investment to be strapped to long-term. When you rent furniture, you simply pay for what you are using, when you are using it. Some of the most popular furniture pieces are adjustable seating and sit-stand desks.

Office supplies

Have you considered all the ways you can use office supplies to declutter the workplace? More and more businesses are using office accessories like dry-erase boards to declutter a space. For example, Quartet, a provider of dry-erase boards and accessories, showcased its latest offerings at the 2019 IFMA show. The star of the show was the company’s new desktop panel. This magnetic glass dry-erase panel is self-standing and double-sided, and it works as a desk partition. It enhances privacy in open offices, while also serving its primary notetaking function.

Hopefully these trends will give you some outside-the-box ideas for your open office design. When your employees have flexible, comfortable options, your business will benefit from greater collaboration and creativity. Do you need help designing an open office space that promotes productivity?

If you’re not sure where or how to start, consider working with the team here at Trader Boys. We have years of experience in creating office space where employees can thrive.

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