Ergonomic Task Chairs

4 Most Popular Ergonomic Office Chairs

Unfortunately, working hard also means a lot of sitting for many people. Much of the workforce today spends over eight hours a day at a desk. Because sitting for long periods on a daily basis can have serious long-term health impacts, it’s definitely worth researching and investing in a ergonomic office chair that promotes healthy movement.

Before you rush out to any store that sells office chair, consider where to shop. An ergonomic office chair is an important purchase. You want to go to a reputable office furniture showroom, like Trader Boys, that have a large variety of ergonomic chairs to sit in. Consider the importance of working with someone that has training in ergonomics, that can explain the options that are right for you. 

Here are four great options to get you on the right track. Ergonomically adjustable, they will help reduce the long-term stress on your body, and allow you to be more productive and comfortable day-to-day.

The Bionic Comfort Executive Task Chair

For over forty years, Eurotech has produced products with superior comfort and state-of-the-art technology. It’s newly introduced PFT2 Executive Task Chair introduces a whole new level of performance design advancements. This chair features the first-of-its-kind Bionic Spine technology, which reacts to individualized body styles and postures. It will provide much needed nine-point pressure and relief across your entire spine.


9 to 5 Seating Strata Ergonomic Task Chair

Are you hoping to find furniture that is as hip as it is comfortable? If so, you will like the 9 to 5 Seating’s Strata office chair. This chair is not only elegant with sleek lines, but it is also designed with comfort in mind. Visit 9 to 5’s website to see more of their great selection of chairs.

Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

The New York Times describes the Humanscale Freedom Task chair as “the gold standard in office seating”. The goal of the desk’s designer, Neil Diffrient, was to design an office chair that automatically adapts to the user, enabling them to move from posture to posture. This unique approach removes the complexities found in the traditional office chair to create a truly ergonomic task chair. Check out more of their chairs on their website

9 to 5 Vesta Series Task Chairs

Looking for tailored support out of your office chair? The Vesta Series features a seat and back that both mold to the user’s body, providing tailored support. The chair is available with 4-way adjustable arms. In addition, for the highest degree of ergonomic adjustment, you can easily adjust height – forward, backward, inward, and outward.

Do you need to find furniture for your office space that is flexible and functional? Are you searching for a chair that will help you be comfortable and productive? Consider working with the experts at Trader Boys. The team at Trader Boys has years of experience in partnering with clients that need help with space planning, and choosing furniture that gives a great first impression and the highest level of comfort.

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