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Phoenix 4-Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet

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Fire Test Standards Specifications

Each Phoenix fire-resistant model is independently tested to European or American standards for fire protection and carries certification labels from the testing agency that identify the product’s fire protection level.

Products for Storage of Paper Records:
Products that provide fire protection for paper records are designated “Class 350.” Typical fire lasts 20 minutes and reaches 800°F. During the fire test, the internal temperature of the product is monitored. This  ensures that it does not rise above a level that would endanger the paper documents.

The designation tag also indicates the length of the fire test as “1 HR, 1 ½ HR, or 2 HR” and is located next to each model number.

Products for Storage of All Computer Media:

Products that provide fire protection for computer media are listed on this website with the designation of “Class 125.

” Tests for products designed to protect computer media range from 60 to 120 minutes in furnace-burn time, at temperatures ranging from 1700°F to 1859°F. By comparison, a typical fire lasts 20 minutes and reaches 800°F. During the fire test, the internal temperature of the product is monitored to ensure that it does not rise above a level that would endanger the computer media stored within the product.

The designation tag also indicates the length of the fire test as “1 HR, 1 ½ HR, or 2 HR” and is located next to each model number. Fire Protection: 1 HR


Certain types of computer media (CDs, DVDs, USBs, and memory sticks) are less sensitive to heat and humidity than tapes, cartridges or hard drives. These less-sensitive items can be safely stored and protected inside some products designed to protect paper records.

Products that carry the MTC Grade B rating have been tested and certified to provide adequate protection for these items. Products that are rated “Class 125” are designed to store and protect all types of computer media and should be used whenever the more sensitive items need protection. Phoenix Fireproof Lateral File LAT2W31
Descriptions / Standard Accessories:
Lateral File, 2 Drawers

External Dimensions:
Exterior Dimensions: 54.71″ H x 31.00″ W x 23.63″ D Internal Dimensions: 10.5 H x 25 W x 15 D Weight: 335 lbs

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Phoenix Fireproof File LAT4W31: Rise from the Ashes, Secure Your Paper Legacy

When flames threaten to consume your vital records, don’t let history turn to ash. Choose the Phoenix Fireproof File LAT4W31, your unwavering guardian against fiery chaos, ensuring your documents rise, protected, from the embers.

Fierce Protection, Unyielding Confidence:

  • UL Classified, Inferno Defiant: Tested and certified for fire resistance under UL Class 350, the LAT4W31 endures temperatures up to 1700°F for one hour. This shields your paperwork from even the most intense blazes.
  • Impact Tough: Not just fireproof, the LAT4W31 boasts a sturdy construction that withstands drops and impacts. This provides an extra layer of security for your irreplaceable files.
  • Peace of Mind Beyond Paper: From legal documents to cherished family records, the LAT4W31 safeguards your treasures. This offers unwavering confidence in the face of the unexpected.

Function Forged in Fortitude:

  • Effortless Access: Full-suspension drawers glide smoothly on heavy-duty tracks. This provides instant access to your important documents even amidst the frantic rush of an emergency.
  • Space Optimization: Maximize storage without sacrificing floor space. The LAT4W31’s lateral file configuration offers ample compartments for all your filing needs.
  • Aesthetics with Backbone: Available in a range of sleek finishes, the LAT4W31 seamlessly blends fireproof protection with modern style. Elevate your office environment while gaining peace of mind for the safety of your important documents. 

Beyond the Fiery Crucible:

  • Lifetime Warranty: Phoenix stands behind its commitment to quality with a lifetime warranty on the cabinet frame. Ensure lasting protection for generations to come with Phoenix fireproof files.
  • American-Made Craftsmanship: Built with pride in the USA using the highest quality materials and rigorous manufacturing standards. The LAT4W31 is a testament to American ingenuity and resilience.
  • Sustainable Choice: Phoenix prioritizes the environment, incorporating recycled materials and sustainable practices into the LAT2W31 manufacturing process.

Invest in the Phoenix Fireproof File LAT4W31 and let your legacy rise above the flames. Order yours today and secure your paper trail against the fiery threats of tomorrow.

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