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Cydia Task Chair Black Mesh Black Frame

SKU: CYDIA3300-MB Categories: ,
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The Cydia Black Mesh Task Chair was the Winner of the Budget Minded Design Solutions INTERIOR DESIGN HiP award at NeoCon. This award honors achievement in product application.


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Nature’s Influence

Cydia Black Mesh Task Chair’s design was inspired by the shape of a butterfly’s wings, beautiful and graceful. Elegance is carried through every element of the design.

Fits Your Needs

Cydia is the perfect solution for today’s more collaborative, less formal workspaces at a very affordable price. From the graceful curve of its arms to the woven mesh or soft upholstery, Cydia provides both ergonomic support and long-term comfort. It meets your needs to allow you to work anywhere and everywhere. The Cydia family includes task, conference, side, stool, lounge and ottoman models.


  • Task, stool, conference and executive seating
  • Mesh or upholstered back options
  • Three designer frame colors
  • Mid-scale and full-scale sizes
  • Warranted to 300 lbs.
Material Choices

Choose between all mesh or upholstered.

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Grade: M1 Black M11 Mesh
Abrasion: 100,000


9to5 Cydia Environmental 3300-3310_


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