How Our Small Family Business Continues to Endure Since 1949

Trader Boys: Grit, Wisdom, and Three Generations of Office Furniture Success

Having thrived for over 75 years, our family business, Trader Boys, embodies the spirit of a successful family business. To what do we attribute our success and longevity?

Adaptability: The office furniture industry has seen significant changes since 1949. Our ability to adapt to these changes is evident in our product offerings – from traditional desks to modern architectural walls, we offer it all. Our commitment to staying relevant and catering to evolving workplace needs, never wavers.

Focus on Customer Service:  Our emphasis is on the importance of building relationships with customers. Our dedication to exceptional service, passed down through generations, fosters customer loyalty and repeat business. Offering top-notch office furniture at unbeatable prices at a savings of 30-60% off MSRP every day certainly helps as well!

Family Values: Our third generation’s involvement in Trader Boys demonstrates the strength that family values nurture. It translates into a strong work ethic, a commitment to our business’ legacy, and a focus on its long-term success.

Community Involvement: We remain committed to giving back to our community. Of course this fosters positive brand perception and potentially attracts customers who value similar principles, but our true motivation comes from the desire to serve our community to make it better.

Evolving with Technology: We embrace technology. Not only does it help us to reach a wider audience, but it also helps our customers when it’s included as a part of their furniture purchases. It’s an affordable gift to your business when it’s built in to ,   We are willing to adapt to changing market trends, and to customer behavior and needs.

Overcome Challenges: The pandemic shook us to our core, but didn’t break us. We overcame it’s challenges 

  • Customer Testimonials: Feature testimonials from long-time clients. This adds a layer of social proof and underscores the value you provide to customers.
  • Employee Spotlight: Showcase your team, particularly members who have been with the company for a long time. This emphasizes the importance of your people and the collaborative spirit that contributes to success.

By sharing these aspects of your business journey, you can inspire others and further solidify Trader Boys’ reputation as a family-owned leader in the office furniture industry.

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