5 Ways to Maximize Your Small Home Office Space


WOW… as it turns out, the majority of employees who work from home are doing so in their pajamas. AND, surprise, surprise, apparently, they’re more productive and much happier than their working counterparts. Envious?

Recent studies are overwhelming… 86 percent of employees who work from a home office space are happier and more contented. Fighting long commutes and rush hour traffic is not something any of us want to do.

Thankfully, as it turns out, businesses are changing their views about this arrangement. Approximately two-thirds of business owners say that a substantial rise in productivity occurs when employees are allowed to work from home.

Still, working from home does have its own unique set of challenges. Not having an organized work-space leads to confusion and stress. For those with a small space, having a dedicated room to do work in might not even be possible.

If you’re struggling to create a space where you can do your work from home, consider the following tips on how to maximize your small home office space.

Choose Carefully

Choose your home office work setup carefully. If most of your work is done on a laptop, avoid a big, bulky desk. Instead, choose a modular or compact desk with a sleek office chair to compliment the look. Ensure that your desk fits your floor plan as well.

Be Creative

If you are working in a small space, find additional creative ways to arrange your desk and chair. An example? Tuck your desk behind a sofa. If you have an empty corner, wasted nook or unused wall space? Use it to house special art pieces or books. You’ll transform your office into a safe haven.

Go Vertical

Don’t have a big floor plan, try going up. Take advantage of your room’s available vertical space with the right shelving. Store office essentials, such as writing tools, paper, and favorite family pictures. 

Include Natural Light

According to a study from Carnegie Mellon University, higher lighting levels and daylight stimulating features can greatly improve productivity. If you have the luxury to choose where to set up your desk, try to place it where you can enjoy some natural light. It is a great strategy to easily boost your productivity.

Incorporate Your Style

Before you hire an interior designer or go shopping to do it yourself, make sure you think about your personal style. Do you like urban décor? Or do you prefer shabby chic? What types of items inspire you in your workspace? What items make you feel motivated and happy? Including these small, individual touches will make you feel more comfortable and be more productive in your new space.

Need help maximizing your space for a small home office? Our team at Trader Boys has 70 years of experience in the best home office furniture. We can help you plan a home office space that promotes comfort and productivity at the same time.

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