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5 Ways to Make Your Office a More Creative Space


Get Creative

Trader Boys Office Furniture in Los Angeles knows that the one-size-fits-all office furniture layout is a thing of the past. Many businesses today are realizing the importance of creating conditions to inspire their teams. Of course, each business is unique, but here are some general rules to follow if transforming your office into a more creative space is what you’re going for.

  • Make Your Space Bright and Vibrant

Do whatever you can to lighten and brighten your space. Get rid of window coverings and furniture that block light. Use bright and vibrant fabrics on your seating, throw pillows and privacy panels. Stylex’s “Cove” series is a fantastic option for seating ideas! Accessories, such as lighting fixtures come in bright, electric colors. Check out Koncepts Z-Bar series desk lamps. Simple changes, like adding plants and smaller sized trees also encourage a more creative mindset.

  • Choose the Right Color Scheme

Make color a high priority on your to-do list. The colors used in your workplace are every bit as important as the colors you’ve chosen for your company brand. Colors elicit different emotions, so before committing to a color scheme, know what about your company culture you’d like to reflect, and what you hope to accomplish for that space.

  • Create Flexible Spaces

Thanks to tablets, laptops, and smartphones, having the old “one desk, one employee” model is no longer the only way to work. You can encourage a co-working mindset within your own office by creating flexible spaces to work. Consider including big tables, standing desks, movable desks and couches to satisfy even the most restless employee. Check out Watson’s new C9 Series adjustable height office furniture. It’s simply the greatest look to come out in a long time.

  • Add Subtle Inspiration

Place treasured art pieces in partially hidden coves or corners, to peek out just enough to surprise and delight. Choose photos that represent the whimsical, daring or free-spirited side of you. Hang paintings (or lean them against the wall) that contribute to your company culture. Ask yourself what values you would like to highlight.

  • Encourage an Open Door Policy

Creativity requires a free-flow of ideas. If the decision-makers of your business have their own offices, establish an open door policy. This will ensure that the rest of your team feels welcome anytime to share their ideas.

Do you need more ideas on how to transform your office space? The team at Trader Boys has 70 years of experience helping business owners build spaces where creativity thrives and stellar first impressions are met. Find the very best office furniture in Los Angeles at Trader Boys.

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