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Koncept Pendant Ceiling Light

SKU: KONCEPT-SUB-PENDANT-102 Categories: , Tag:
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Sub Pendant

The exquisite Sub Pendant boasts a minimalist profile and emits a soft, warm glow. A continuous line of diffused LED light wraps around the entire piece. This allows the pendant to function as both an ambient light and task light for surfaces below. 

Sub Pendant features a continuous line of LED light wrapping 360° around an attractive aluminum housing. It’s an elegant addition to any home or office. The Sub complements rather than obstructs the aesthetic of its surroundings. The almost invisible support system is conducive to an uninterrupted flow. Once installed, the Sub Pendant is compatible with any ELV wall dimmer.

Providing 2000 Lumens of brightness with only 48W of power consumption, the Koncept Sub Pendant is at home in any minimalist design. With a 3,000 K color temperature, the Sub Pendant also offers continuous dimming with any ELV wall dimmer.

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Koncept Sub Pendant: A Halo of Focused Brilliance

Transform your workstation into a haven of precision and elegance with the Koncept Sub Pendant Lighting. This modern marvel isn’t just a desk lamp; it’s a minimalist masterpiece. It literally bathes your work in a luminous halo of focused light.

Sublimely Minimalist:

  • Clean Lines, Exquisite Glow: The Sub Pendant’s sleek, circular form graces any space with understated sophistication. Its continuous LED band emits a warm, inviting light, enhancing focus without harsh glare.
  • Choice of Styles: Choose from two stunning configurations: the single-ring Sub S1 for solo brilliance or the triple-ring Sub C3 for an awe-inspiring, cascading statement.
  • Multiple Finishes: Match your existing decor with your choice of matte black, gold, or matte white, ensuring the Sub Pendant seamlessly blends into your workspace aesthetic.

Beyond Beauty, Focused Brilliance:

  • Task-Ready Illumination: The adjustable cable lets you position the Sub Pendant perfectly for focused tasks, illuminating your work surface without casting unwanted shadows.
  • Dimmable Ambiance: Adapt the light to your needs with the integrated dimmer switch, creating the ideal atmosphere for any occasion.
  • Efficient Luminance: The Sub Pendant’s energy-efficient LED technology shines brightly while keeping your energy consumption low.

Unleash the Detail:

  • Barely-There Presence: The Sub Pendant boasts a whisper-thin profile, hovering almost invisibly overhead, drawing attention to your work, not the source of light.
  • Durable Design: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the Sub Pendant is built to last, providing years of worry-free illumination.
  • Effortless Elegance: No bulky base, no distracting wires. The Sub Pendant floats with graceful simplicity, adding a touch of modern zen to your workspace.

Invest in the Koncept Sub Pendant and experience the transformative power of focused light and minimalist design. Order yours today and illuminate your work with brilliance, both literal and figurative.

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Product Details

Size/Weight: W 48″ / D 0.5″ / H 2.5″ / 6 lb.
Materials: Aluminum, Plastic
No Assembly Required
2000 Lumen
48 W consumption
50,000 hours lifespan
3,000 K light color
Continuous dimming
Matte black (with black canopy), silver (with silver canopy), gold (with black canopy)

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