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Same family. Same address. Same select service. Since 1949.

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Celebrating 74 Years in Business!

Family Owned and Operated

Trader Boys Office Furniture in West Los Angeles is family-owned and operated. Dad started the company in 1949 after returning home from World War ll where he served as an officer in the Merchant Marines. He thought a used furniture, appliance and bric-a-brac store would do well in this new neighborhood on the westside of Los Angeles, so he placed an ad in the local newspaper: “I will buy, sell or trade anything!”. Soon after, a tiny 1400 square foot storefront came up for rent on the corner of Pico and Barrington. With his one-car garage nearly filled to capacity, the timing was perfect.

Hard Work and Determination

Even though that little corner store required his presence seven days a week, Dad enthusiastically worked the hours he set for himself: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM; Saturday’s, 9:00 to 6:00; and Sundays 10:00 to 3:00 PM.

Seven years later, just a block away, a vacant lot came up for sale. Paying the $6,000.00 asking price would strain his budget, but it was doable. That was in 1956.

We still occupy the building today that Dad constructed.  It’s worth the visit to see the magnificence of his work. Rebar and cinder block support our 20-foot wood-rafter ceiling. Huge iron beams support the ceiling and roof.

A Second Generation

I joined the company in 1975. Back then, used file cabinets were the hot commodity. They sold faster than we could find them. When a salesman stopped by to show us his new steel furniture line – with prices far lower for the new than the used – we never looked back. Selling used “anything” became a thing a thing of the past. New file cabinets, desks, and steel secretarial chairs was our future.

After Dad’s retirement in 1982, I took my turn at the helm. Changes to our showroom continued over the years based on the needs of our customers, but our mission (see mission) and values, remain the same.

Our Third Generation

To my delight, my son, Cameron, feels the same allegiance to Trader Boys Office Furniture as I did (and still do). His commitment to continuing his Granddad’s legacy is true. My husband, who retired from his career last April, equally enjoys volunteering his time. 

Our showroom showcases new, commercial-grade, state of the art office furniture, with a staff that values commitment to excellence as much now, as we did then on opening day, in 1949.

Sending best wishes for the remaining few months of 2022, and beyond,

Melissa Rayner
2nd Generation Owner