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Watson Tonic Bench and Trolley

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Designed by San-Francisco based duo Mike and Maaike, the Tonic collection of benching, storage and tables pairs clean design with honest materials, robust construction, an easy-to-understand specification and installation logic. The result: A simple solution for individual workspaces, common areas, meeting spaces and everything in between. Tonic supports the freedom and flexibility for users to work however and wherever they want.

The heart of Tonic is its versatile, modular center deck – which helps determine the personality and functionality of your bench. Choose from flat, pallet, cube or screen infills. And add the Neighborhood Light to brighten your workspace with a warm glow. Specify in five simple steps. Installation is a breeze thanks to the top-down leveling mechanism. Brass threaded inserts ensure your third reconfiguration will be as good as your first installation.

The Tonic Trolley, shown here, is a fresh alternative to conventional personal storage. Loaded with functional compartments to organize personal items for work and play, Trolley’s sliding top reveals a shallow box for small, personal items on one side and a file box on the other. An open cell provides personal storage for handbags, backpacks and briefcases. Powder-coated metal accents provide distinct opportunities for branding and added pops of color.

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