Tonic Meeting and Conference Tables

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Tonic Meeting Table

Tonic Simple Tables combine modern design with powerful functionality and multimedia support, for radically productive meeting, training and collaboration. Free-standing Tonic Simple Media tables incorporate an upholstered screen for space division, auditory privacy and easy multimedia integration – supporting up to a 42″ display. In-surface cable storage with PET felt lined tray keeps cords at bay. The Tonic meeting table with Media Fast video conferencing is a place to connect.

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Watson Tonic: Modern Meeting & Conference Tables Built for Connection

Craft the ideal environment for brainstorming, collaboration, and presentations with the Watson Tonic Meeting and Conference Table Series. These stylish and functional tables boast a versatile design. They adapt to your evolving needs and foster a productive and inspiring workspace.

Benefits of Watson Tonic Meeting and Conference Tables:

  • Modern Design for All Spaces: The Tonic Series features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Seamlessly integrating with any office décor. Choose from various table shapes (square, rectangular, round, and rotating round) and sizes to find the perfect fit for your conference room or meeting area.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Watson Tonic tables offer optional power integration, allowing you to easily connect laptops, projectors, and other devices. This ensures seamless technology integration and eliminates the hassle of tangled cords.
  • Adaptability for Diverse Needs: Select tables in the Tonic Series feature a rotating round top with a whiteboard surface, perfect for brainstorming sessions and interactive presentations. Other tables offer monitor mounts for presentations or video conferencing needs.
  • Space Optimization: In-surface cable storage keeps your conference space organized and clutter-free. Optional cable trays and power modules further enhance wire management, maximizing the usable surface area of the table.
  • Built to Last: Crafted with high-quality materials and a sturdy construction, the Watson Tonic tables are built to endure the daily wear and tear of a busy office environment. Enjoy lasting value and a table that will support your meetings for years to come.

Explore the full range of Watson Tonic Meeting and Conference Tables and discover the perfect configuration for your space on the Watson website:

Invest in the Watson Tonic Meeting and Conference Table Series. Foster collaboration, innovation, and a professional atmosphere in your meeting spaces. Order yours today!

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