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Tonic Benching Brings on Collaboration

SKU: Watson Tonic Conference Table-1 Categories: , Tag:

Tonic Benching

brings collaboration, convenience, and classic style to the office. Created to be a focused workstation or quick touchdown spot for team members just popping in, this benching system gives you flexibility and freedom to work how you want.

Designed by San-Francisco based duo Mike and Maaike, the Tonic collection of benching, storage and tables pairs clean design with honest materials, robust construction, an easy-to-understand specification and installation logic. The result: A simple solution for individual workspaces, common areas, meeting spaces and everything in between. Tonic supports the freedom and flexibility for users to work however and wherever they want.

Trader Boys is here to help, from design to delivery.

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  • Drop-down, lay-in cable management
  • Constant access to power and data
  • Top-down leveling
  • Simple specification and installation


Watson Product Line Warranty


Materials that matter.
Greenguard certified laminates, NAF board, PVC-free
edgebanding, 100% recyclable steel combined with Watson’s
environmentally-friendly, sustainable processes make Tonic
a high-design, low environmental impact choice for today’s
healthy office environments.

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