Office Master OM5 Task Chair


Manager’s Task Chair
The Office Master Ergonomic OM5 Task Chair combines modern design with good old-fashioned practicality, resulting in an easy to operate the chair with no unnecessary knobs or levers, and a sophisticated air that works well in homes or offices.

Designed with elegant simplicity in mind, it features 0 mechanisms, 1 paddle, and a patent-pending movement that relies on the simply sophisticated concept of 5 interlinked polyurethane wheels. It’s “Body-activated” motion allows users of a wide range of body sizes and weights to sit forward and backward throughout the day, offering optimal support without the need for frequent manual adjustment. It’s seat cushion, embedded with a bubble cell support structure, works in tandem with the mechanism to give you a long-lasting, supportive sit for all-day meetings and collaborations. With hundreds of color and fabric options, we love the Office Master OM5 and we know you will too!

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Trader Boys is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) Company.

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