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Office Design Studio’s X-Bench

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Across industries, organizations are transitioning to more adaptable furniture and more integrated layouts in order to accommodate the diversity of work modes in the workplace.
XBench presents a new approach to workplace design that supports the freedom and mobility people seek in today’s office, a contemporary desking system that works for virtually any
person, any task in any environment. Based on a core platform frame and concise set of reconfigurable components, XBench allows you to personalize the office and make it your own.

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Key Features

INTEGRATION. X-Bench elements can be seamlessly integrated with Crossroads systems components to build an open office benching configuration, or can be used as a stand-alone benching system to create free-standing application.


Built structurally strong X-Bench can easily span long lengths with minimal support, providing a clean finished look and exceptional knee clearance. It features robust and at the same time clean and simple wire management system that handle the wiring needs of today’s office with ease.

Design Choices

For design freedom, XBench offers a rich array of materials, colors, and finishes to reflect an organization’s culture, brand, and personality— from a contemporary to a more traditional reserved look. In benching configurations, unique XBench end panels made of architectural material define boundaries and allow users enhanced privacy to facilitate personal work. Many designer colors and patterns are available that will help to create a contemporary, functional and stand-out working environment.

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