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Humanscale Wire Management Basket

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Peace of Mind for Every Desk

  • Unwavering Durability:¬†Constructed from high-quality materials,¬†the NeatTech withstands daily use and accidental spills,¬†keeping your cable haven strong and tidy for years to come.
  • Effortless Maintenance, Instant Serenity:¬†Simply wipe down the NeatTech’s smooth mesh surface for a fresh start.¬†No special cleaners,¬†no fuss ‚Äď just effortless maintenance for a workspace that shines.
  • Sustainable Sanctuary: Crafted from recycled materials and boasting GREENGUARD certification, the NeatTech prioritizes both your peace of mind and the planet. Work in a space that’s kind to both people and the environment.

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Tame the Cable Chaos, Embrace Zen Flow: Humanscale NeatTech Wire Management Basket

Let’s face it, tangled cables are an eyesore and a productivity buzzkill. Introducing the Humanscale Wire Management Basket:¬†NT1MGG, your gateway to a tidy, organized workspace and unfettered focus.

This isn’t just a basket, it’s a cable-taming superhero, banishing unsightly clutter and restoring zen to your desk. Ditch the tangled mess and unleash a realm of sleek design, effortless power access, and instant peace of mind, and watch your workspace transform from chaotic wasteland to serene haven.

Cable Chaos Slayer:

  • Tame the Tangled Beast:¬†The NeatTech’s¬†lightweight mesh basket¬†offers ample space to corral even the most unruly collection of cables,¬†power strips,¬†and adapters.¬†Tuck away the clutter,¬†restore your desktop real estate,¬†and reclaim your sanity.
  • Keep Calm and Charge On:¬†Integrated¬†Velcro¬ģ ties¬†keep cables neatly bundled and organized,¬†preventing future tangles and ensuring easy identification.¬†No more wrestling with a spaghetti monster under your desk ‚Äď just grab what you need,¬†instantly.
  • Sleek Savior, Not an Eyesore:¬†Ditch the bulky plastic tubs and embrace the NeatTech’s¬†modern, minimalist design.¬†This basket complements any decor,¬†enhancing your workspace aesthetics while banishing cable clutter.

Effortless Power Access:

  • Plug and Play, Uninterrupted:¬†Forget crawling under your desk like a digital spelunker.¬†The NeatTech’s¬†easy-access design¬†lets you reach power strips and outlets effortlessly,¬†keeping your workflow flowing without cable-related hiccups.
  • Cable Chaos Conquering:¬†The NeatTech’s¬†convenient handles¬†make it easy to move and adjust your cable organization on the fly.¬†Adapt to your changing needs and maintain a tidy haven,¬†no matter the project.
  • Built for Convenience, Not Clutter:¬†The NeatTech’s¬†lightweight construction¬†makes it easy to install and relocate,¬†making your cable management as dynamic as your workflow.¬†Tidy up,¬†move on,¬†conquer your to-do list.
Minimize Details
  • ¬†Lightweight mesh basket
  • Organizes and stores power strips and cables
  • Easy access and installation
  • Supports up to 10 lbs
  • Size; Mini, 24″ L x 4.5″ D x 4″ W
  • Color: Pinstripe Graphite Basket with Gray Trim
Humanscale Wire Management Basket: NT1MGG

Tame the cable chaos, embrace zen flow. Order yours today and experience the transformative power of a tidy workspace that fuels your focus, liberates your creativity, and restores zen to your workday.


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