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Humanscale Ergonomic Keyboard Tray 4

SKU: Humanscale Switchmouse-1-1-1 Categories: , Tag:
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Humanscale 5G Keyboard Tray and Swivel Mouse is the lightest, most sustainable mechanism of its kind:

    • Utilizes 28% less material than similar mechs
    • Weighs only 6.5 pounds—28% less than similar mechs
    • Available in a white finish to provide a clean, modern aesthetic (6G only)
    • Intuitive height adjustment requires no locks, levers or controls
    • Dial-a-tilt positioning allows you to type at the angle most comfortable for you
    • Ultra-thin profile provides maximum knee clearance
    • Superior design provides maximum strength and stability
    • Raised tilt mechanism protects the keyboard from collisions with the edge of the desk


For additional configuration options, consult our sales team at 800.554.1221. or to receive a complimentary space planning appointment, click on the “Add to Quote” button below and a consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

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Humanscale 5G keyboard tray and Mouse was discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for purchase. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but alternatives exist.


The Humanscale 5G Keyboard Tray and Mouse offers serious protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, and other musculoskeletal issues. Since 1999, Humanscale has been the leading manufacturer of articulating keyboard systems, and today sells more than all other manufacturers combined.

“A decade of ergonomics research shows that using a negatively sloped adjustable keyboard tray maximizes the time spent working in the neutral hand, wrist and upper body postures. These postural benefits can’t be achieved by just using a keyboard on a height-adjustable work surface.”
—Professor Alan Hedge, Cornell University

The Neutral Reach Zone “The area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position at the side.”
(Sanders & McCormick, 1993)
Humanscale keyboard systems ensure nearly all users can work consistently within their Neutral Reach Zone to maintain a low-risk posture.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced risk of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Improved posture and reduced neck and shoulder pain

  • Increased productivity and focus

  • Enhanced comfort and well-being throughout the workday

Keyboard Components

Keyboard Platforms
Made of 1⁄4” phenolic resin, which combines strength, durability and a slim profile, Humanscale’s wide range of keyboard platform options will accommodate any need. Available with Technogel or foam palm supports.

Humanscale offers nine award-winning, negative-tilt mechanism options, from our original standard-bearer, the 2G, to our latest 5G, which combines easy dial-a-tilt and height adjustability with the strongest, most stable arm on the market. All of our mechanisms encourage low-risk typing postures and feature easy and intuitive adjustability.

Mouse Platforms
From our original Swivel Mouse to our best-in-class Clip Mouse — which features height, depth and lateral adjustability, and can easily be moved to support left- or right-handed mousing — Humanscale’s mouse options will keep you mousing in comfort.

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