Humanscale Ergonomic Foot Rest

Studies have shown that 70% of all women and 40% of all men have health issues such as blood clots varicose veins and pressure on the Achilles tendon due to pooling of fluids in the lower limbs the result of prolonged inactive sitting. The foot machine with its ball bearing roller design encourages gentle rocking of the feet in the same way a rocking chair encourages movement.

This rocking motion uses most of the lower leg muscles and increases healthful circulation.
The foot machine also performs as a standard foot rest, providing support for the legs
and relieving pressure on the lower back.

The FM500 provides perfect support for the feet and legs to ease pressures on the lower
back when sitting. With curved supports to encourage healthful rocking, the FM500
offers a surprising amount of functionality in a simple and elegant package.


-Curved leg design encourages rocking motion

-Provides support for lower back

-Rubber, non-skid grips keep feet in place and protect hard flooring


-Die-cast aluminum legs

-Molded plywood platform

-Steel foot stop

-Rubber grips

-Dimensions: 16.75″ W x 12.25″ D x 4.5″ H

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