Hon Contain Series Bookcases

Contain is redefining active storage from the inside out. This streamlined collection is designed to unify an entire office while maximizing storage capacity. With a diverse offering that supports the needs of individuals and teams, it is perfectly suited for today’s changing workspaces. The entire collection of pedestals, towers, and credenzas is designed to work great alone, and even better when combined with HON desks, workstations and open plan configurations. It also offers easy access to frequently used items. Expand your capabilities for storage, efficiency, and collaboration with Contain, the versatile storage solution that maximizes space and brings everything and everyone together in one convenient, distinctive collection.

Trader Boys Office Furniture in West Los Angeles discounts commercial grade office furniture 30-60% OFF MSRP every single day. Since 1949! Our mission is to offer unsurpassed service at lower prices than anyone else.

Trader Boys is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) Company.

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