FireKing Safe File Cabinet

Keep your documents, digital media, and valuables safe from the threats of theft, fire, water, and impact with the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF The FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF Safe-In-A-File Cabinet is a great, versatile double-duty file cabinet and safe in one. This allows both business and homeowners to protect not only their vital documentation from fire, theft and water damage but it also can keep your digital media safely stored as well. The upper portion of the cabinet is actually a safe which can hold your valuables and the lower portion of the cabinet can store your hanging letter and legal sized documents. The size is also perfect for concealment within a standard closet. This filing cabinet safe is the best of both worlds and the high-end security lock along with the U.L. and ETL ratings make this one of the best investments you can make.

Some of the fantastic features of the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF Safe-In-A-File Cabinet are the UL listed impact rating for a 30-foot drop, the 2000 explosion hazard rating and the ETL water resistance along with the ETL electronic media rating of 30 minutes. There is insulation between all drawers and it also features high-side drawer bodies. The panels are field replaceable and the Medeco lock is resistant to picking and drilling. The cam lock controls both openings. The finish is a durable diamond stone finish.

Compact File cleverly designed to conceal a 1.3 cubic foot safe in top opening.
Drawer in second opening files both letter and legal sized documents.
High drawer safe bodies; no additional hanging folder frames needed.
Cam lock controls both openings.
Each drawer is individually protected from fire.
Field replaceable panels.
Durable Diamond Stone finish.
Compact 22″, fits in a standard closet.
Insulation between all drawers.
High-side drawer bodies.
Lock bypass featuring a two-position drawer catch.
UL listed high-security Medeco locks resistant to picking and drilling.
Keys cannot be duplicated except through FireKing.

Technical Ratings:
ETL Electronic Media – 30 Minutes, 30-Foot UL Impact Rating, 2000 Explosion Hazard Rating, ETL Water Resistant, Made in America, High-Security Key Lock, 1 Hour Fire Rating

Outside Dimensions: 27.75″ H x 17.75″ W x 22.13″ D, Weight: 195 Pounds, FireShield 2 Drawer – 22.13″ Depth

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