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Gravy Desk Lamps From Koncept

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Gravy Desk Lamp

Gravy Desk Lamp is a unique desk lamp that brings style and warmth to your home or office. Edge lit technology in a circular LED head provides a soft, evenly distributed glow of warm light. The solid wood bar and base are offered in three different natural woods: light Maple, White Oak, and rich Walnut. A delicate aluminum stand supports the wood bar and LED head.

Controlling the light is easy: simply tap the center of the underside of the LED head to turn on or off, and touch and hold to dim or brighten the light. Gravy is highly adjustable, providing the user with perfect light placement. This simple yet elegant combination of wood, aluminum and LEDs works beautifully to illuminate any space.


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Koncept Gravy Desk Lamps: Where Warmth Meets Modern Efficiency in Workspace Lighting

Banish the bland and illuminate your workday with Koncept Gravy Desk Lamps. This contemporary light fixture isn’t just about function; it’s a design statement, an ambassador of warmth, and a champion of adjustable, eye-friendly illumination.

A Fusion of Form and Functionality:

  • Modern Masterpiece: The Gravy Lamp’s clean lines and minimal profile instantly elevate your workspace aesthetic. Choose from sleek aluminum finishes or warm wood bases to complement your decor and express your individuality.
  • Edge-Lit Brilliance: Forget harsh shadows and eye strain. The Gravy’s innovative edge-lit technology bathes your work surface in a soft, even glow, creating a comfortable and productive environment.
  • Effortless Adjustment: Glide the wooden arm seamlessly and adjust the LED panel to direct light precisely where you need it. Customize your illumination and banish shadows on documents or projects with ease.

Warmth for Your Eyes and Soul:

  • Golden Glow: Unlike harsh fluorescent lights, the Gravy Lamp emits a warm, 3500K white light that mimics natural daylight. Reduce eye fatigue, create a more inviting atmosphere, and boost your mood throughout the workday.
  • Sustainable Choice: Koncept prioritizes the planet. The Gravy Lamp features energy-efficient LED technology and utilizes recycled materials, allowing you to illuminate your workspace while caring for the environment.
  • Adjustable Brilliance: Tailor the Gravy’s light intensity to your needs and preferences. Set it to a soft glow for late-night work or crank it up for detailed tasks, all with a simple touch control.

Beyond Illumination, a Catalyst for Productivity:

  • Focus Fuel: Eliminate eye strain and fatigue, and watch your focus soar with the Gravy’s comfortable light. Say goodbye to midday energy crashes and hello to sustained productivity throughout the day.
  • Enhanced Creativity: The warm, inviting glow of the Gravy Lamp fosters a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. Spark creative thinking, encourage collaboration, and turn your workspace into a haven for innovation.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: Built with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, the Gravy Lamp is an investment in long-lasting functionality and modern design. It’s a reliable partner that illuminates your path to success.

The Koncept Gravy Desk Lamp is more than just a light source; it’s a gateway to a warmer, more productive, and creatively fueled workday.

Visit our showroom today to explore the diverse range of Koncept Gravy configurations and find the perfect lamp to brighten your workspace, soothe your eyes, and inspire your work. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions and help you create an illuminated oasis of productivity.

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