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Fellowes 72391 Wire Double Tray with Step File

SKU: FELLOWES-72391 Categories: , Tag:
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Invest in Organization and Efficiency

The Fellowes 72391 Wire Double Tray with Step File is a practical and affordable solution to conquer document clutter and create a more organized and efficient workspace.

Order yours today and experience the difference!

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Conquer Your Paper Pileup with the Fellowes 72391 Wire Double Tray with Step File

Does your desk resemble a mini Mount Paperclip? Indeed, wrangle your documents and reclaim your workspace with the Fellowes 72391 Wire Double Tray with Step File. This space-saving organizer combines two features into one convenient unit, streamlining your document management and keeping your work area clutter-free.

Double the Functionality, Double the Efficiency

This Fellowes organizer boasts a two-in-one design that tackles multiple organizational needs:

  • Two side-load letter trays: Firstly, provide easy access to frequently used files and folders.
  • Six-compartment step sorter: Moreover, it’s ideal for categorizing ongoing projects, bills, or important documents you need to keep readily available but off your desktop.

Additional Benefits for a Streamlined Workflow

In addition to its dual functionality, the Fellowes Wire Double Tray with Step File offers several user-friendly advantages:

  • Space-saving design: Secondly, the vertical configuration maximizes storage capacity without sacrificing valuable desk real estate (dimensions: 13.88″ x 10.13″ x 14″).
  • Sturdy steel construction: Thirdly, ensures long-lasting durability and can withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Sleek black finish: Fourthly, complements any office décor and adds a touch of professionalism to your workspace.
  • Easy-glide rubber feet: Fifthly, protect your desk surface from scratches and scuffs, while keeping the sorter stable.
  • 100% recyclable: Finally, made from eco-friendly materials for the environmentally conscious consumer.

A Versatile Solution for Busy Professionals

The Fellowes 72391 Wire Double Tray with Step File is a versatile organizer suitable for a variety of work environments:

  • Home offices: Keep important paperwork, bills, and ongoing projects neatly sorted and accessible.
  • Cubicles: Maximize your workspace and keep essential documents within easy reach.
  • Shared workspaces: Maintain clear separation of your documents within a collective area.
Here’s why you’ll love it:
  • Combats clutter: Provides designated storage for your files and folders.
  • Improves efficiency: Makes it easier to locate documents and maintain organization.
  • Saves time: Reduces wasted time searching for misplaced papers.
  • Enhances focus: Minimizes distractions by keeping your workspace clutter-free.
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