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Eurostyle Gilbert Home Office Desk

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The Eurostyle Gilbert 27535 Desk

Strength and functionality come together in the Gilbert Desk. This is an essential office piece that is hard-working, long-lasting, and a no-nonsense classic that really makes a statement. The strong exposed steel frame and supporting cross ties make this desk incredibly sturdy. The sleek, simple silhouette is perfect for any home or office.

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Conquer Your Workday with the Eurostyle Gilbert 27535 Desk

Elevate your workspace and empower your productivity with the the Eurostyle Gilbert 27535 Writing Desk. This modern masterpiece combines robust functionality with sleek aesthetics, providing the perfect platform for tackling any professional challenge.

Key Features:

  • Solid Construction: Built with high-quality steel and a scratch-resistant laminate top, the Gilbert 27535 is built to last. Its durable foundation ensures rock-solid stability, even during your most intense brainstorming sessions.
  • Spacious Work Surface: Featuring an expansive surface area, the desk offers ample room for your monitor, keyboard, printer, and other office essentials. Spread out your work, organize your projects, and conquer your to-do list with ease.
  • Clean Lines and Modern Design: The Eurostyle Gilbert boasts a minimalist silhouette and a contemporary aesthetic. Its sleek lines and refined finish complement any office décor, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your workspace.
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet: Uneven floors are no match for the Gilbert. Adjust the built-in leveling feet to ensure perfect stability and prevent wobbly disruptions.
  • Wire Management System: Keep your workspace clutter-free and organized with the integrated wire management system. Channel your cables discreetly through the desk, eliminating tangled wires and maintaining a clean and professional aesthetic.
  • Multiple Color Options: Choose from a variety of finish options, including black, white, and grey, to find the perfect match for your existing décor and personal preferences.


  • Enhanced Productivity: Create a workspace that facilitates focus and efficiency. The spacious surface, ergonomic design, and clutter-free organization promote a productive flow, allowing you to get things done.
  • Improved Comfort and Well-being: The Eurostyle Gilbert’s sturdy construction and adjustable leveling feet ensure optimal comfort. Work without distractions, maintain good posture, and reduce fatigue throughout the day.
  • Durable and Reliable: Invest in a desk that will stand the test of time. The high-quality materials and robust construction ensure long-lasting performance, making the Gilbert a valuable addition to your workspace for years to come.
  • Modern and Stylish: Elevate your office space with a desk that reflects your style. The Eurostyle Gilbert’s sleek design and contemporary aesthetic enhance the visual appeal of your workspace, creating a professional and inspiring environment.
  • Adaptable and Versatile: Choose the finish that best complements your décor and personalize your workspace. The Eurostyle Gilbert adapts to your needs and preferences, providing a functional and stylish platform for your professional endeavors.

The Eurostyle Gilbert 27535 Desk Is Ideal For:

  • Professionals who value productivity and organization: Create a workspace that fuels your focus and efficiency, allowing you to conquer your goals.
  • Those seeking a modern and stylish office solution: Elevate your workspace with a desk that reflects your style and enhances the professional atmosphere.
  • Individuals who prioritize comfort and well-being: Invest in a desk that supports your physical health and prevents discomfort throughout the workday.
  • Anyone seeking a durable and reliable solution: The Eurostyle Gilbert’s robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and a worthwhile investment.
  • Those with diverse décor preferences: Choose from a variety of finish options to find the perfect match for your existing office environment.

Order your Eurostyle Gilbert 27535 desk today and experience the difference that a well-designed and functional workspace can make. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more! Don’t forget to browse our other office furniture solutions from Eurostyle to create a complete and functional workspace that meets your every need!

Additional features:

  • Optional features like keyboard trays and monitor mounts further enhance your workspace.
  • Backed by Eurostyle’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Invest in the Eurostyle Gilbert 27535 desk and unlock the potential of a productive and stylish workspace.
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Depth 29.9″

Width 53.9″

Height 29.5″



  • MDF top with lacquer finish
  • Chromed steel frame
  • Adjustable glides
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