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Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panel

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Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panel – 59.5″W x 23.5″H

Safco Sneezeguard-7517CL

  • Acrylic panels create physical barriers between people and workspaces to better support social distancing initiatives
  • Helps reduce exposure to airborne droplets and moisture produced by sneezing, coughing and talking
  • Opaque white panels enhance visual privacy when working with sensitive documents or private information
  • Clear panels allow for positive and professional face-to-face interactions while helping limit physical contact
  • Translucent frosted panels allow more light to pass than white panels while still providing a measure of visual privacy greater than that of clear panels
  • Versatile design attaches to the worktop making it ideal for sitting as well as standing-height or adjustable-height tables, benches, desks and workstations
  • Combine smaller and larger panels to create corner “L” shapes or three-sided coves for more isolated workstations; each panel sold separately
  • Smooth, clean edges ensure a professional look and safer handling
  • Panels made from 100% white, frosted or clear acrylic for easy, wipe-down cleaning and maintenance
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel L-brackets mount with screws to the underside of the work surface (included with panel purchase)
  • Designed for use on flat-edged surfaces with a thickness equal to or greater than 1”
  • Perfect for use in small businesses, offices, reception areas, collaborative workspaces, retail stores, clinics and hospitals

For additional configuration options, consult our sales team at 800.554.1221. or to receive a complimentary space planning appointment, click on the “Add to Quote” button below and a consultant will contact you within 24 hours.


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Shield Your Space, Secure Your Peace: Safco Sneezeguard Shield 7517CL

In today’s dynamic workspace, navigating safety and collaboration can feel like walking a tightrope. Enter the Safco Sneezeguard Shield 7517CL. Get your invisible shield against airborne particles, and fostering both productivity and peace of mind in the face of uncertainty.

Invisible Barrier, Undeniable Protection:

  • Crystal-Clear Connection: Maintain visual engagement and verbal interaction with the Sneezeguard’s transparent acrylic panels. Collaborate freely, knowing you’re safely shielded from coughs, sneezes, and airborne droplets.
  • Peace of Mind, Every Panel: The sturdy aluminum frame and shatter-resistant acrylic construction offer lasting protection without sacrificing style. Breathe easy knowing your team is working in a safer environment.
  • Adaptable to your Needs: The Sneezeguard’s modular design allows for easy assembly and configuration. Create individual desk shields, section off workstations, or build expansive barriers – adapt to your space and prioritize well-being.

Flexibility Meets Functionality:

  • Effortless Setup, Zero Disruption: Firstly, no tools required! The Sneezeguard assembles in minutes, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition to a safer workspace.
  • Clean Lines, Modern Aesthetic: Secondly, the sleek acrylic panels and brushed aluminum frame seamlessly blend into any office decor, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication without compromising on safety.
  • Easy Cleaning, Worry-Free Maintenance: Thirdly, smooth surfaces and antimicrobial-treated materials make the Sneezeguard a breeze to keep clean, ensuring a consistently hygienic environment.

Safco Sneezeguard-58223_7517CL – More Than Just a Barrier:

  • Invest in Confidence: Moreover, Sneezeguard is backed by Safco’s commitment to quality and innovation, the Sneezeguard comes with a limited lifetime warranty, offering lasting peace of mind.
  • American-Made Craftsmanship: Additionally, Sneezeguard is proudly built in the USA using high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing standards, the Sneeguard is a testament to American ingenuity and reliability.
  • Sustainable Choice: Finally, Safco prioritizes the environment, incorporating recycled materials and sustainable practices into the Sneezeguard’s production process.

Shield your space, secure your peace, and foster a productive, collaborative environment with the Safco Sneezeguard-58223_7517CL. Order yours today and create a workspace where safety and success go hand in hand.

To explore the full range of Safco product, including the Safco Lectern, visit Safco’s official website.

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Product Is UPSable or LTL only: UPSable
Quantity Per Unit: 1
UOM Pricing: EA
UPS Billable Weight: 29
Material Thickness: 0.236
Maximum Height (inches): 23.5
Maximum Width (inches): 59.5
Requires Assembly: Yes
Powder coated finish: Yes
Primary Material: Acrylic
Secondary Materials: Steel (hooks)
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