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Convergence is DeskMakers best selling series because the collection offers unparalleled customization with multiple choices in laminate finishes, sizes, and configurations. No other casegood line offers the design flexibility of Convergence. You can even choose your favorite drawer handle, and custom edge details. Woud you prefer a radius, fluted, or beveled edge?

Deskmakers doesn’t sacrifice on quality either. They use only the best laminates, veneers, and hardwood materials. They select only top-quality stains, hardware, and edge-banding. It’s manufactured right here in Los Angeles, and delivered fully assembled. That’s why we love Deskmakers and we know you will too. Check them out at

For additional configuration options call our sales team: 800.554.1221. Or, to receive a free space plan consultation, click the “Add to Quote” button below and a specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

Deskmakers Finish Options


Deskmakers Drawer Pulls

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DeskMakers Warranty

DeskMakers Warranty

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