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Dekko Slinky Wire Management

SKU: ECA-DEKKA-WIRE_MGMT-1 Categories: , Tag:
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Slinky Wire Manager

Embrace the Dekko Slinky Wire Management System’s clutter-free and organized workspace with the innovative Dekko Slinky Wire Manager. This stylish and functional solution effectively conceals and manages unsightly cables, cords, and wires, creating a clean and professional appearance.

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The Dekko Slinky Wire Management System’s flexible coil design adds a stylish element to wire management. This vertical unit is simple to install and easy to detach for reconfiguration. Transform your workspace into a haven of organization and style with the Dekko Slinky Wire Manager. Say goodbye to messy cables and embrace a clutter-free environment!

Key Features:

  • Unique slinky-coil design provides flexibility and adaptability
  • Easily mounts to desks, walls, or under surfaces
  • Large cable channel accommodates multiple cables and cords
  • Weighted base ensures stability and prevents tipping
  • Available in multiple colors to match your décor


  • Eliminates messy and tangled cables for a neat and organized workspace
  • Prevents tripping hazards and promotes a safe work environment
  • Enhances the overall aesthetics of your office or home office
  • Reduces cable wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your electronics
  • Simple and convenient installation without any tools required

Who Should Buy the Dekko Slinky Wire Manager:

  • Individuals who are tired of tangled wires and cords
  • Professionals who want to maintain a clean and organized workspace
  • Businesses seeking to improve the safety and aesthetics of their office environment
  • Homeowners looking to declutter their home office or entertainment area

Additional Information:

  • Material: Durable ABS plastic and metal**
  • Cable Capacity: Up to 15 cables**
  • Height: 36 inches**
  • Colors: Black, Silver, White**
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Additional Product Information

Dekko Poppy Flush Mount Wireless Charging Spot optimizes convenience with easy to reach wireless phone 
charging spot.
  • Qi wireless fast-charging technology provides instant power to any Qi-enabled devices for a hand 
    and cord-free experience
  • 10-Watt Qi Fast-Charging Platform
  • 1.8A/9V Input; 2A/9V Output AC Adapter
  • Capable of charging Qi 5W, iPhones 7.5W fast-charging, and Samsung 10W fast-charging devices
  • Fits Surface Thickness: 0.63" - 1.57"
  • Table Cutout: 2.44" - 2.55"
  • Grommet Bracket, Screws, and 66-inch AC Adapter Included

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