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Hon 66000 Sit Stand

SKU: HON-66000-STATIONMASTER-101 Categories: , Tag:
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Hon Sit/Stand workstations

Hon Sit/Stand workstations feature 1-1/8″ thick high-pressure laminate tops, radius edges and integral wire management ports. C-legs add as much style as they do stability with two leveling glides per leg (3/4″ adjustability), and incorporate an easy-to-access wire management channel to keep cords organized and out of sight.

StationMaster desk features two wire management grommets and accommodates under-desk, retractable keyboard platform for ergonomic keying and extra desk space. Furniture meets or exceeds applicable ANSI/BIFMA standards.

For additional configuration options, consult our sales team at 800.554.1221. or to receive a complimentary space planning appointment, click on the “Add to Quote” button below and a consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

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NO Longer Available

StationMaster Your Success with Hon 66000 Series: Command Your Workspace, Conquer Your Day

Elevate your office from a mere workspace to a command center for productivity with the Hon 66000 Series StationMaster. This versatile desk system isn’t just furniture; it’s a strategic tool designed to empower your team and fuel their success.

Craft Your Command Center:

  • Modular Mastery: Mix and match components to create the perfect workstation for every member of your team. Choose from standalone desks, corner configurations, and even expansive executive setups, seamlessly tailoring the layout to your unique needs.
  • Adaptable Functionality: StationMaster isn’t confined to a single role. Add storage units, integrate cable management, and customize with accessories to transform your desk into a hub for organization, collaboration, or focused individual work.
  • Built-in Versatility: Power up your day with optional under-desk retractable keyboard platforms, monitor arms, and device charging ports. StationMaster adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.

Durability Meets Modern Design:

  • Built to Last: Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, StationMaster desks are built to withstand the daily grind. Indeed, invest in furniture that’s as reliable as it is beautiful, a long-term partner in your business success.
  • Modern Minimalism: Most certainly, StationMaster boasts clean lines and a sleek profile, perfectly complementing any contemporary office aesthetic. Additionally, you can choose from a range of elegant finishes to personalize your workspace and create a truly inspiring environment.
  • Sustainable Choice: Finally, Hon is committed to environmental responsibility. StationMaster incorporates recycled materials and utilizes sustainable manufacturing practices, allowing you to invest in your business while caring for the planet.

More Than Just Furniture, an Investment in Success:

  • Boost Productivity: Firstly, StationMaster’s adaptable design empowers your team to work the way they want, when they want. Foster focused individual work, seamless collaboration, and dynamic brainstorming sessions – the possibilities are endless.
  • Employee Well-being: Secondly, StationMaster prioritizes comfort with integrated ergonomic features like adjustable heights and keyboard trays. Combat employee fatigue and reduce aches and pains, fostering a healthier, happier workforce.
  • Brand Image Elevation: Thirdly, StationMaster’s sophistication and versatility showcase your commitment to forward-thinking solutions and employee well-being. Make a lasting impression on clients and visitors, elevating your brand image and attracting top talent.

Hon 66000 Series StationMaster is more than just a desk; it’s a gateway to a more productive, collaborative, and successful office environment.

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