SKU: VESTA 3066-X1-A29-PF-B-M13-BA10P-C8S Category:

Vesta Drafting Stool

SKU: VESTA 3066-X1-A29-PF-B-M13-BA10P-C8S Category:
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Elevate Your Workday with the 9to5 Seating Vesta Task Stool

Transform your workday with the 9to5 Seating Vesta Task Stool. Experience the synergy of ergonomic excellence, personalized comfort, and modern design. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional stool and how it can elevate your work experience.

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Vesta Drafting Chair

The 9to5 Seating Vesta Task Stool is a paragon of ergonomic design and comfort, crafted to empower you throughout your workday. This versatile stool seamlessly blends support, adjustability, and modern aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for various workspaces and tasks.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Excellence: Experience the difference of 9to5 Seating’s renowned ergonomics. The Vesta’s contoured seat and supportive backrest promote healthy posture and minimize strain on your back and neck, allowing you to work comfortably for extended periods.
  • Tailored Comfort: Customize the stool to your unique needs with its comprehensive adjustability. From seat height to backrest angle and armrest position, the Vesta adapts to your body and preferences, providing optimal comfort and support.
  • Effortless Mobility: Glide effortlessly across your workspace with the stool’s smooth-rolling casters. These casters are designed for seamless movement on various surfaces, ensuring flexibility and minimal disruption to your workflow.
  • Modern Design: Elevate your workspace with the Vesta’s sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Its minimalist design and clean lines complement any décor, adding a touch of sophistication and style to your professional environment.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Vesta ensures long-lasting performance and durability. Its breathable mesh back and generously padded seat provide exceptional comfort, while the sturdy aluminum base guarantees stability and confidence during your workday.


  • Firstly, Vesta promotes healthy posture and reduces back pain
  • Secondly, Vesta offers personalized comfort with various adjustments
  • Thirdly, Vesta enhances mobility and flexibility within your workspace
  • Fourthly, Vesta elevates the aesthetics of your office environment
  • Lastly, Vesta provides exceptional comfort and support for long work hours

Who Should Choose the 9to5 Seating Vesta Task Stool:

  • Indeed, individuals seeking a comfortable and supportive stool for various work environments
  • Certainly, professionals who require adjustability to cater to different tasks and preferences
  • Also, those who value ergonomic design and prioritize well-being while working
  • Additionally, businesses looking to equip their workspace with stylish and functional furniture
  • Finally, individuals who appreciate modern aesthetics and high-quality materials
Additional Information:
  • Materials: Breathable mesh back, generously padded seat, pneumatic seat height adjustment, adjustable armrests, smooth-rolling casters, aluminum base
  • Adjustments: Seat height, backrest angle, armrest height and position, tilt lock
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 12-year warranty on frame, 5-year warranty on parts and upholstery
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Back: Grade: M1
Pattern: M1 Mesh
Color/Style: Silver M13
Material Type: Mesh
Vendor: 9to5 Seating
Backing: Other
Abrasion: 100,000
Seat: Grade: B
Pattern: Delta
Color/Style: Malt
Material Type: Textile
Vendor: 9to5 Seating
Backing: 87% Polyester, 13% Cotton
Abrasion: 200,000
Bleach Cleanability: BC 10:1
Control: (X1) Synchro Tilt
Arms: (A29) Height Adjustable Arm
2-way Height adjustable Arm w/17.5″ interior width
Frame Colors: (PF) Polished Frame
Base: (BA10P) 26” High Profile Aluminum Base – Polished
Casters: (C8S) Large Diameter Hard Floor and Carpet Casters


on all structural and mechanical components. Fabric and foam are warranted against wear through and deterioration for five years.

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