National’s New Swift Series

Endless configurability makes Swift an ideal seating choice. From whimsical to sophisticated, Swift modular lounge goes with the flow of your organization…and performs fabulously for you all the way. Swift’s plush comfort and endless confi gurability make it an obvious solution for areas that require flexibility and style.Its tailored upholstery and mixed material base offering deliver sophistication while its wide breadth of line provides design versatility. Swift grants the unique freedom to design functional, attractive lounge spaces that are ideal for lobbies, reception areas, cafés, common areas, collaborative touchdown spaces, and so much more. Ready to accommodate any situation, Swift offers mobility, technology, and tablet arms that bring smart solutions to all users. Swift’s table collection adds usable surfaces to complete any confi guration. Swift’s inviting demeanor welcomes those that are visiting for a short while, as well as those that are collaborating or lounging.

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