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Watson Seven Benching

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Watson Seven

Seven is an open plan workbench, designed for the next generation workplace. It  provides a user-adjustable worksurface with integrated power delivery and privacy, and includes integrated cable management and user-accessible power and privacy options to support an active and beautiful office environment. At the heart of each Workbench is the Raceway, an elevated cable channel delivering power, voice and data to each workstation. Vertical cable management is designed to accommodate your height-adjustable desk’s range of motion, lay-in cable clips for up to 21 isolated cat-6 lines per side. A large capacity trough provides ample space for both power strips and adapters. Under the worksurface is a 100% PVC free, UL listed 4 circuit/ 8 wire electrical system with three data connections and four or eight outlets per user.

Standard power workbench segments are available in two depths and five widths (three widths for heavy power). They include three functional spine screen styles, a variety of edge profiles and three unique end panel options. Additional Watson storage elements easily integrate to create configurations unique to your team’s needs.

With dual and single sided segments available in a variety of widths and can be specified along the same run to accommodate architectural constraints, the Seven Workbench is a space planner’s dream, making smart use of the space you have. 

For additional configuration options, consult our sales team at 800.554.1221.

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