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AMQ Height Adjustable Computer Table

SKU: AMQ Height Adjustable Computer Table Categories: , Tag:

Computers and rapidly changing technology have greatly increased the need for ergonomics in the workplace. That’s why desks, chairs, monitors, keyboards and even lighting all need to be assessed when creating a workspace, whether for office or home.

New inventory just received in sit to stand office furniture. With height adjustable desks all the rage (for good reason) we’re excited to share.

AMQ’s sit to stand desks are inherently ergonomic and created to adjust effortlessly to users. Promoting daily movement and physical activity to support posture. Brings noticeable relief to those suffering neck and eye strain and lower back pain. Multiple options including dual and 3 motors:

 – Standard push button handsets with 4 memory presets
 – Width adjustable bases fit 10 worksurfaces sizes
 – 3F privacy screens clip onto work surfaces or ILINE beam
 – Quiet Motors
 – 5 day shipping

We know budgets and timelines have changed, and we’re meeting the growing demand for agile, affordable, modern products on quick timelines. Book an appointment for your private visit.
Price does not include undercarriage storage compartment.

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